• Made from billet aluminum.
  • Lower Control Arms feature adjustable sway bar mounting holes so you can fine tune the feel and balance of the rear suspension.
  • The extremely strong and light weight help reduce the amount of camber when lowering your vehicle’s suspension.
  • High quality custom-made polyurethane bushings provide extended life while retaining excellent performance characteristics.
  • Full width bushing journals for maximum strength & reliability under the most extreme conditions.
  • Easy installation of most factory and aftermarket sway bars, and allows the stiffness of the sway bar to be easily adjusted.
  • The bars are strong and light-weight, and feature a heliarc-welded steel mount twin-bolt design that will not twist or flex.
  • Made from billet aluminum.
  • The durability and longevity of each tie bar with its CNC machined.
  • The rear lower tie bar installs underneath the trunk between the rear axles. It stabilizes your vehicle and gains extra handling while cornering.
  • Made for handing on street driving or racing.
  • Firmer Polyurethane.
  • Quick and easy installation makes this a great upgrade for performance enthusiasts.
  • Firmer bushings increase rear end feelings and can improve handling by reduced flex.
  • Control the feeling of frustration while accelerates to shift gears.
  • Able to effectively prolong the life of the shock absorption for 2-3 years and protect the performances of the shock absorber and the suspension system.
  • Able to effectively solve the problem of weak or rigid spring, hoist the vehicle 2-3 cm from the ground and improve the bearing capacity and steering ability of the vehicle.
  • Able to lower the shake of the vehicle body and absorb the noise from the suspension system, so as to lower noise and keep your car calm.
  • Able to effectively amortize and absorb 0.8-2T instant impact pressure from the uneven road.
  • Able to shorten the time and distance of braking and improve the safety of driving.
  • Able to better the inclination and whipping during swerving and add the stability of swerving.
  • Able to boost the comfort of driving and make driving interesting and at your pressure.
  • CNC machined from T6 6061 Aluminum.
  • Stability adjustment for maximum rigidity.
  • Universal Fit Design, Easy to Install.

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